Professional Mixing, Mastering, Composition and Instrument Lessons

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Welcome to XENNON Studios, where we provide professional Mixing and Mastering with a great final sound. We also provide a variety of services including Instrument Lessons (Guitar, Bass, Drums), Podcast Editing, Audio Clean-up, Movie and Videogame music composition, Orchestral composition, Vocal Tuning and much more.

Hi, my name is Xennon and I’m a producer, mixing and mastering engineer, musician and music teacher from the U.K, with over 25 years experience in performing and producing.

If you’ve been searching for that professional, loud and clean sound that you hear on Spotify and all your favourite streaming platforms, then you’ve come to the right place.

Standard mixing and mastering package includes:

  • Professional Mastering
  • Professional Mixing
  • Professional Vocal Editing
  • Equalization
  • Dynamic Processing
  • Reverb and Delay Processing
  • Special FX (if required)
  • Volume, Pan and FX Automation 
  • Analogue and/or Tape Saturation
  • Level Maximization + True Peak Limiting
  • Loudness Matching to your Reference Track
  • HQ File 

Please feel free to check out some samples of our work below. Also, head on over to our services page to see some of the great options we offer, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need custom quote or if you want to hear some more samples.

Below is our 2022-2023 Showreel, featuring just some of the great tracks mixed and mastered here at XENNON Studios:

And is our composition Showreel for 2022. All work here has also been mixed and mastered at XENNON Studios:

Here are some examples of our Mastering work. The first track is UNMASTERED, and the second has been MASTERED by XENNON Studios. Feel free to compare and hear the difference:

Castro – Sith Lord

Mastering example – UNMASTERED
Mastering example – MASTERED

Dream Droid – Valley of Serpents

Valley of Serpents – UNMASTERED
Valley of Serpents – MASTERED

Lacrimorta – Deathbed Companion

Deathbed Companion – UNMASTERED
Deathbed Companion – MASTERED

Jonny Fallout – Slow Burn

Slow Burn – MASTERED

Here are some examples of our mixing and mastering work:

Love is in the Air – Electric Sol
Lofi Composition – XENNON Studios
La Mer Remix – XENNON Studios
Under the Lights – DON
We Were Ghosts – Neon Arcadia

Here is an example of our Podcast Editing:

Podcast Editing Example

An example of an orchestral composition for a short film:

Orchestral example

And finally an example of some of our vocal tuning work: